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Hotel Venus Karlovy Vary


We have implemented a number of above-standard measures to ensure, as far as possible, an undisturbed stay for all our guests. Detailed information on these measures as well as everything you need to provide on arrival at the hotel can be found here.

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Treatment stay with full board

Special SPRING offer 2022

Dates of stay: 25.4.- 31.5.2022

Price include:
  • . accommodation
  • . fullboard
  • . spa treatment
  • . and much more...

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Relaxation by the King Charles IV

Special offer 2022

Dates of stay: year round 2022

Price include:
  • . 3 x accommodation in **** comfortable room standard
  • . 2 x half board, hot and cold soft drinks
  • . 1 x medieval dinner
  • . and much more...

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Weight loss package


Dates of stay: Year round

Price include:
  • . 7x accommodation in **** comfortable room standard
  • . Diet meal plan (5x a day)
  • . Initial medical examination by our physician
  • . and much more...

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Karlovy Vary, Zítkova kolonáda

Spa to Go

Dates of stay: according to your wish

Price include:
  • . 1 x accommodation in **** comfortable room standard
  • . 1 x breakfast buffet
  • . 1 x dinner by candlelight
  • . and much more...

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Care for your body and soul…

Dates of stay: year round 2022

Price include:
  • . welcome drink
  • . 7 x accommodation in **** comfortable room standard
  • . 7 x half board, hot and cold soft drinks
  • . and much more...

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Classic weekend

Trend are short-term wellness stays.

Dates of stay: Thursday—Sunday (year round).

Price include:
  • . 3 x accommodation in **** comfortable room standard
  • . 3 x half board, hot and cold soft drinks
  • . 1 x original Becher’s bath
  • . and much more...

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Romance for two

Why romantic stay? Because the shared experience sweeten relationship.

Dates of stay: year round (except of term International film festival)

Price include:
  • . 1x accommodation in **** comfortable room standard
  • . 1x dinner by candlelight
  • . Surprise in the room
  • . and much more...

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Gain new energy…

Dear spa guest,

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to our spa hotel Venus**** in Karlovy Vary.

Treatments in the Venus hotel at Karlovy Vary are focused on curing the obesity and spine illnesses including back pain. We also treat typical gastroenterological ailments and disorders of metabolism such as diabetes mellitus.

Curative methods would not be that efficient without a team of skilled experts with years of experience in balneology who work in our Venus **** hotel – Karlovy Vary.

Professional guarantor of balneology is the leading physician, Naděžda Pilečková M.D., who has attestation from Neurology, Physiatrics, Balneology and medical rehabilitation. She has almost 10 years of work experience in spa industry in the town of Karlovy Vary.

Also, we have team of skilled masseurs and physiotherapists and nurses, both medical and spa, in the Venus**** hotel Karlovy Vary.

Our curative program is always being composed carefully, because it is our priority that it will suit individual needs of our every patient and adapted to his or her health state. We always try to oblige to all our patient´s needs.

The whole treatment does not consist only of curative procedures but also of drinking cure, which we will put together for you during the first examination. We also put emphasis on the right diet for you – we will gladly consult it with you and we will provide you with informative materials so you will be able to continue even after the end of spa treatment.

Satisfied and healthy patients are our goal.

The health division of the Venus **** hotel in Karlovy Vary wishes you a nice day.

Head physician
Naděžda Pilečková M.D.

The spa industry in Karlovy Vary

The spa industry in Karlovy Vary has more than 600 years of tradition. The mineral spring makes the essential part of the Karlovy Vary treatment program. Today there are 14 mineral springs available to the spa clients.


  • digestive tract diseases
  • diabetes
  • gastric and duodenal ulcers
  • gout
  • obesity
  • locomotive organs diseases
  • liver diseases
  • chronic diseases of the gallbladder, liver and gall tract, pancreas
  • oncology diseases

Balneological center

Balneological center of the hotel Venus offers you the most up to date diagnostic technology. Karlovy Vary mineral water is being used during the treatments. Relaxing swimming pool (28°C) and whirlpool (38°C) are at our guests command every day.

* Therapeutical procedures are available only by doctor´s prescription.

Price list of medical services and spa procedures

Application of one injection during acute disorder* 200,– CZK
Blood pressure check or Measuring body fat percentage 50,– CZK
Follow-up examination (if stay more then 14 days) 600,– CZK
Medical examination 900,– CZK
Nurse´s care (up to 30 min.)* 150,– CZK
Resting ECG (recording) and clinical evaluation (if stay more then 14 days)* 500,– CZK


Therapeutical procedures included in the price of the comprehensive treatment

Aromatherapy inhalation 200,– CZK
Bubbling bath 450,– CZK
Carbon dioxide bath* 450,– CZK
Carbonic gas bath* 400,– CZK
Classical massage-partial 500,– CZK
Electrotherapy* 230,– CZK
Fango packs (max. 2 packs of standardized size)* 450,– CZK
Hydro exercise-group 200,– CZK
Infrared ligth therapy* 230,– CZK
Inhalation therapy-individual 200,– CZK
Kneipp’s foot baths 250,– CZK
Magnetic field therapy* 300,– CZK
Manual therapy * 580,– CZK
Mineral bath with additive (oat) * 500,– CZK
Mineral bath with bath additive (moor)* 500,– CZK
Paraffin Wax Bath 300,– CZK
Pneumopuncture / Carbonic gas injections (2 diagnoses)* 300,– CZK
Reflexive massage* 580,– CZK
Sauna 1 hour* 400,– CZK
Soft ball method massage 580,– CZK
Softlaser therapy* 300,– CZK
Swimming + whirlpool bath 1 hour 200,– CZK
Therapeutic rehabilitation exercise-group 200,– CZK
Therapeutic rehabilitation exercise-individual* 580,– CZK
Ultrasound therapy* 230,– CZK
Underwater massage* 550,– CZK
Whirpool bath-individual 450,– CZK


Therapeutical procedures not included in the price of the comprehensive treatment

Anti-cellulite wrap for the legs (both legs) 850,– CZK
Aromatherapeutic massage full body 1100,– CZK
Aromatherapeutic massage partial 550,– CZK
Bath oil additives (Lavender, Citrus, Rosemary, Meadow flowers) 50,– CZK
Bath salt additives (Blue harmony, Energy, Fruit senzation) 50,– CZK
Becher’s bath 500,– CZK
Beer bath 690,– CZK
Blood pressure check 50,– CZK
Change of the procedure schedule without any health reasons 100,– CZK
Classical massage full body 1000,– CZK
Complete laboratory investigation 1600,– CZK
Cupping 500,– CZK
Doctor´s consultation 600,– CZK
Doctor´s consultation individual (up to 10 min.) 280,– CZK
Dressing the wound – Doctor 500,– CZK
Dressing the wound – Nurse 120,– CZK
Facial mud mask (also with low neck) 400,– CZK
Foot reflexive massage, 2 limbs* 1200,– CZK
Full body peeling – Fiji 1150,– CZK
Gerovital therapy (10 + Bonus 2 injections)* 8000,– CZK
Head massage 500,– CZK
Honey massage 900,– CZK
Hot stones massage 1200,– CZK
Kinesiotaping (1 application) 200,– CZK
Lymph drainage-instrumental 30 min.* 400,– CZK
Lymph drainage-manual partial – 1 limb 600,– CZK
Lymph drainage-manual* 1200,– CZK
Medical report 100,– CZK
Oxygentherapy 400,– CZK
Oxyvital therapy ( Gerovital + 10 sessions of oxygentherapy)* 9950,– CZK
Prescription, Administration of a drug during acute disorder (resting regimen without any procedures) 150,– CZK
Summary of the used therapeutical procedures or Duplicate of the medical report 100,– CZK